Letters to the editor for Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013

Columnist has reason for bashing lawmaker

I am responding to the column by Chuck Muth appearing on Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphobia for some is problematic but in this case, I wonder if Mr. Muth is affected. The good news, the article, naming AB46 “Kirner’s Tax” is about as foolish as superstitions around Friday the 13th.

Honestly, when a legislator is representing his constituency by calling for a quintessential American democratic approach such as a vote of the people on taxes they would incur, how awkward to enter into name calling like “sheep-dip” and “butt-covering” unless there is another motive. As it turns out, there is. You see, I have an opponent in the Primary and he is supporting her. The more he attempts to discredit me, the more he advances his personal agenda, pure and simple.

Bottom-line, his opinion page missive is political and lacks respect for the legislative process, my colleagues, myself and most especially you the reader as he tries to bully us with his political agenda.

Randy Kirner

Assemblyman, District 26

Syria should be low on U.S. list of priorities

While sitting here watching Mr. Obama’s plea to the United States citizens for support of a “limited” military action on Syria, I keep hearing that “too many innocent lives are being taken” as one of the justifications for our country’s involvement in yet another nation’s internal problems.

So my question is, if this is one of his strongest reasons for our country to drop missiles and get involved with the conflict, why are we not bombing other countries committing the same violent actions, if this is the proper way to respond?

Is our government not aware that to date 10,000 innocent lives have been taken by the Mexican drug cartels during the past four years?

Is not a country in our own back yard not a concern to us? A country whose citizens both legal and illegal are currently residing in ours?

If this so-called “red line” our government drew for intervention during the Syrian war was the use of “chemical weapons,” why didn’t we equally respond to use by both Iraq under Saddam’s rule while attacking Iran, along with the Israelis use of these weapons during the past Gaza war?

Personally, myself along with other Americans agree it’s time for our country to quit being the “world’s police” by getting involved and spending billions of hardworking taxpayers’ money abroad and invest it at home.

Are not our homeless citizens, along with our country’s falling-apart highway systems important?

Does not Charity begin at home?

Donald Jackson

Carson City


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