Letters to the editor for Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reid’s actions have gone too far

Harry Reid “unhinged.” Perhaps it was his major role in passing Obamacare, which now seems destined along with Hillarycare to the ash bin of history. In the old West, Reid would have been called a “snake oil salesman,” selling quack cures from the back of a wagon.

Reid’s role in the fraud called Obamacare is ruining the U.S. economy, inflicting pain on millions of American families with canceled insurance policies, sky high premiums/deductions and denied access to their trusted primary care doctors and hospitals. Or is it Reid’s latest in a long string of scandals in which he faces potential criminal liability accused of funneling thousands of campaign dollars to his granddaughter? Exposed, Reid quickly wrote a check to cover a portion of the funds as if that would absolve him of blatantly breaking the law. Or is it his frequent vicious, lying attacks on Republicans for which he now brazenly denies despite video clips, which prove otherwise? Or is it his regular public bashing of the Koch brothers, who are generous donors to Republicans? In truth, the Kochs are way down on the list when it comes to political donations. The lead donors are, of course, Reid’s favored labor unions, including the NEA.

Reid, the most dangerous man in America, needs to be recalled, leaving his $1 million Ritz-Carlton condo and returning to Searchlight where he can no longer hide behind the protection of the Senate floor with his libelous rhetoric and destructive actions. Sharon Angle was right.

Bill Johnston

Carson City

Letter writer pushing typical liberal agenda

A recent letter from Robin Christy has had me puzzled. In the letter, she touted how much Obamacare has done for her, as she had no health insurance before.

She mentioned that she worked two jobs (commendable), one for the “ Feds” and one in retail. If she worked for the “Feds,” then she should have had insurance as “Fed” jobs are unionized (I know, I am retired from government service).

Another statement indicated that Christy claimed to have had broken glasses and before Obamacare had no money for new glasses and had repaired the broken ones with a “bread tie”; however, a local eye doctor came to the rescue and fixed them for free.

If the repair that was needed (as described) was done for free, it would appear that it is the type of repair most eye facilities will do for free and/or a dollar or two.

I often am suspect of Robin Christy’s letters. They seem to be written with a precise agenda that is not entirely her own and do wonder what “Feds” she works for.

Finally, Robin Christy resorts to the old name calling game that most of her line of thinking resort to. I would find them more credible if she would stop the name calling.

Carlyn A. Johnson


Cannabis issue is about freedom

of choice

I’m writing about Guy W. Farmer’s column: “Government turns a blind eye to pot dangers” on March 30. First off, our annual tobacco vs. cannabis kill ratio is about 400,000 to zero. I’d like to add that the cannabis legalization issue is not whether cannabis is completely safe for everybody, including children and adolescents — it is not.

The issue is freedom of choice for adults. Children have died from eating peanuts and peanut butter but we don’t cage peanut growers, sellers or consumers. And the voters of Colorado and Washington state have decided that we should not cage cannabis growers, sellers or consumers.

Nevada adults have the freedom of choice of whether or not to consume legal alcohol. Shouldn’t they have the same freedom of choice regarding legal cannabis?

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.

Sights, sounds mean spring has arrived

Spring is here and our local birds are gearing up for their new families. In the Fuji dog park, the mother owl sits in her nest, while the father sleeps nearby. The red-tailed hawk brings in branches and twigs to build her nest.

David Youngs


Political signs are more like weeds

Regarding the headline “Political Signs Pop Up Like Spring Flowers,” I would say more like weeds.

Gary Marshall



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