Visitors bureau will hire social media marketer

A $2.3 million Carson City Convention & Visitors Bureau budget that includes a new social media and communications staff position won unanimous approval from the bureau board Monday.

The Fiscal Year 2014-15 budget guideline proposed by Joel Dunn, bureau executive director, calls for pay of more than $49,000 a year to fill the slot and $30,000 for an events trailer to help in the altered marketing approach.

“I expect a lot of that position,” said Dunn, noting the new hire would staff that unit as well as handle social media and communications.

In addition, the basically flat budget relies on shifts Dunn made to staff and the marketing approach to pay benefits for the new hire. That takes the annual compensation to $77,305 and gives room to attend two additional trade shows.

Dunn said in part the new position’s duties in this fiscal year were handled via contract workers on a per-hour basis. But he said the need continues and is crucial.

“I need to bring in some pretty significant events,” said Dunn. “This is absolutely imperative going forward.”

He said that is in part due to expectations city government will be building a multi-purpose athletic center (MAC), so major tournaments or other events there can help attract participants and people to visit Carson City.

“We have to bring in a couple of major events when we open up that MAC,” he said.

The budget reflects projected revenues from lodging taxes of $1,416,252 and total revenues of $1,462,832, according to Dunn, but projected expenditures of $1,325,736.

Also in the mix are $505,273 to ending fund balance from the current fiscal year, $433,296 in Virginia & Truckee (V&T) capital ending fund balance, and $100,000 in a V&T bond ending fund balance.

His figures anticipate what he called a total to-the-good cushion of $137,096.

The bureau markets Carson City as a tourist and events destination, along with helping market and finance the V&T as one of the community’s tourist attractions.


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