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140 years ago

Murphy execution (continued from Thursday). While he was occupied arranging his dress to sit in a third different position for his picture, it was announced the full Board of Pardons were at that moment in session and that his sentence would surely be committed to life. “Damn the commutation,” said he. “Do you think I want to purchase my life at the expense of chains and eternal slavery? I have hanged myself.” The Board of Pardons did not interfere. (Continued on Saturday.)

130 years ago

Dennis’ dilemma. Some months ago, Major Dennis concocted a lively yarn about a luminous bush which grew near Tuscarora. According to the Times-Review, the shrub emitted a beautiful phosphorescent light, by which the fine print of the Times-Reveiw could be read at ease at midnight. The irreverent local wags of town were unkind enough to say it was not by the bush, but by the ruddy afterglow of his nose. When asked to produce the bush, he said sacrilegious Indians destroyed the bush under the impression of evil.

100 years ago

Through the sale and bazaar held by the ladies of the Presbyterian church last Saturday, their treasury fund was added to the extent of $140.

70 years ago

The “49er Club,” formerly known as the “Kozy Bar,” will hold its official opening under the management of the new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Downs. They recently purchased the Ralph Leland property at 810 Curry St.

60 years ago

A new landmark has been added to Carson City with the installation of the beacon over the Nugget. The sign, bearing a standard airport beacon using a 1,500 watt bulb, rises 40 feet above the top of the building and will be visible for 50 miles.

50 years ago

Radiogram from ‘Uncle Joe.’ Dec. 14, 1964 — Western Greenland. We finally reached the weather station, boys and girls, and just in time, too. This particular outfit was just ready to send up a weather balloon and the boys rigged up a special basket for Santa and I to ride in. We will charter a wind current so we can get a plane to Carson City.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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