Land deed processing scam prompts warning

District Attorney Neil A. Rombardo and Assistant District Attorney Mark J. Krueger of the Criminal Division are warning of a potentially misleading solicitation for land deed processing from Property Transfer Services.

The District Attorney’s Office received the following information from local attorneys, according to a news release.

Property Transfer Services has been sending solicitations to new property owners in Carson City recommending “all Nevada homeowners obtain a copy of their current Grant deed as evidence that the title to the property was in fact transferred to the new owner.” Although the documents contain a disclosure that states “this service is not associated with any governmental agency,” the solicitation appears to be an official notice and implies that the document fees are no more costly than at the Clerk Recorder’s Office. However, its fee is substantially higher, as much as $83, compared with the $4 fee that the Carson City Clerk Recorder’s Office charges.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger offers the following tips to avoid falling for such solicitations:

Most deed information is available for free online or for a nominal fee at the County or City Clerk Recorder’s Office.

If a document is stamped as “not being associated with any governmental agency,” ask about whether there is a government entity that provides the same or similar service, contact that entity, and compare the fees and costs.

Determine whether the service being offered is essential.

If something appears suspicious, make inquiries.

Contact the Clerk Recorder’s Office where the property is.

Research the entity sending the documentation.

Call the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to inquire about complaints against the service provider.


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