Letters to the editor for Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014

Carson City needs a good noise ordinance

Nothing like arriving home after a long day at work, running around feeding the critters, taking my shower, then finally it’s time to relax and unwind with a nice dinner, perhaps a glass of wine while watching the local PBS shows. While sitting here gradually getting into my “Zen” state of mind, I am jolted out of my couch by a car driving by with its bass so loud it literally shakes my front windows.

With all the new automobile stereo systems available on the market that can produce so much bass at decibels, that besides the above mentioned issues, do and will cause the drivers to not hear and react accordingly to emergency responders, along with other drivers’ focus in demanding situations.

I know as a fact that our fair city currently does not have any regulations on the books pertaining and allowing officers to cite said “irrespective noisemakers” aka “disturbers of normal people’s peace.” All they can currently do is follow up on a call to dispatch and politely ask the said “disturbers” to turn it down.

Perhaps if Carson City would adopt a noise ordnance in the line of Reno’s current ordinance that bans amplified sound from vehicles that can be heard from 25 feet away, our beloved city’s citizens, along with myself, could once again enjoy the solitude of living in a small town of peace and quiet. Maybe I’m asking a lot for some to respect their neighbors, something that I know comes naturally to any thoughtful humane person.

Donald Jackson

Carson City

Fine people who use charging area too long

In regards to Mr. Cunningham’s letter about the free car charging at the Carson City Community Center, he is absolutely right! I only say this because of the abuse of the free charging. There is a sign at the parking stations that says “Two hour charging station. Remove car when charged.” The very first day it was open, a car was there at 6:30 a.m. and was still there after 4 p.m. Now, that is not the end of it! That same car was there the very next day, all day long and, oh yes, the very next day and the day after that! The next week it was back for another 2-3 days and was there last week at least two days, all day long! I do have the license plate number and intend to pursue this if it continues.

I lease space from the Community Center for my business and I have up to 25+ clients at a time, so parking spaces are necessary for my business. When the board of supervisors have their meeting, they alone will fill the parking lot so taking away two spaces may seem very little to others. It is very important for my business.

I don’t know whose idea this was to have these spots, and it’s nice to do things for people, but it seems when you do something nice for some people, they will find a way to take advantage of it and ruin it for the rest of us. It has already put some of my clients out because of lack of spaces.

I am not sure if there is a fine to park in that space without charging, but there should absolutely be a fine for longer than two hours, wouldn’t you agree?

Terri Snyder

Carson City


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