Letters to the editor for Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014

Many thanks to man who paid for dinner

Saturday, Jan. 25, my friends and I went out to dinner at Kim Lee’s before our Winterfest dance at Carson High. A very nice gentleman paid for our entire dinner, and we would like to thank and assure him that we will pass on this act of kindness.

Rebecca Ostrander

Carson City

How much longer will our nation be free?

This is in response to Ron Lowe’s diatribe in the Sunday, Jan. 26 paper.

American exceptionalism, according to Mr. Lowe, is where our country is headed. If staggering unemployment, the implementation of socialized medicine, a president and his administration who constantly play the race card, numerous government cover-ups, and a society where much of our society would rather stay at home and collect unemployment rather than learn the value of hard work is American exceptionalism, then please put me on the next boat back to Europe where my ancestors immigrated from.

We are no longer the world leader which other nations envy ( insert statistical data which Ron and likewise closed-minded and misinformed people will just disregard and/or not read) but, according to Ron, people are flocking to our country, which we take for granted. They are flocking to our county because we are the last free country — but for how much longer?

Khristine Hansen-Jones

Carson City


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