36 applying for 3 Nevada Court of Appeals seats

A total of 36 lawyers have applies for the three seats on the newly-authorized Nevada Court of Appeals.

After interviews by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection, the names of nine individuals will be forwarded to Gov. Brian Sandoval who will select the three judges.

Robin Sweet, secretary to the selection commission, said applicants were allowed to apply for only one of the three seats.

As part of the process, the commission has invited written public comments about any of the applicants. Those comments should be submitted by Nov. 26 to Suit at the Administrative office of the courts, Nevada Supreme Court.

Plans are to expedite the selection process so the new court can begin hearing cases in January.

The appellate court will handle appeals that are “pushed down” from the Supreme Court. Justice Jim Hardesty said those will typically be appeals filed with the high court that do not involve precedential issues.

He said the goal is to remove some of the mundane matters the high court currently handles, leaving the seven justices more time to deal with more weighty legal issues.


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