Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014

Get prepared for winter weather

The weather in Nevada can be unpredictable. A prime example is the conditions we faced during Street Vibrations. One week of nice warm days followed by one weekend of wet, cold and near winter like conditions.

When the roads get wet and become frozen, many hazards come into play. Our vehicles tend to behave differently during the winter as we are used to dry roadways, which afford us plenty of traction when driving.

Even under the best of conditions we have vehicle crashes, so when the snow hits, the risk of a crash multiplies. For those of you who travel on the freeway, you may experience patches of black ice as you drive across an overpass. When going through Washoe Valley, the winds may actually push you out of your travel lane due to the icy roadway.

Prepare now for the winter ahead — slow down, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, listen to the road reports and keep an emergency kit in your car. Your cell phone, blankets, flares, food, and water are just some of the things you should have on hand.

Check that your tires are rated for mud and snow and that they have good tread. Check your wipers, defroster, lights, brakes, etc.

If the roads are not safe, wait until they can be properly cleared so that you may travel. It is best to get their late than never. Be prepared for the unexpected as conditions can change at a moment’s notice.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Sales tax hike should have been voted on by people

Why didn’t the Carson City Board of Supervisors place the issue of additional tax for the downtown beautification project on the ballot for the voters of Carson City to vote on?

If you look at it closely, it’s not what the people want. It’s what the Board of Supervisors want.

Now there are two members of the Carson City Board of Supervisor running for reelection: Karen Abowd and John McKenna. Do you really think we can keep trusting them?

Joe Lopez

Carson City

City should look into warming issue

There are a lot of different opinions regarding the proposed change to Carson Street that goes through downtown. I would like to revisit the report Carson City tops the list of U.S. cities for warming trend.

A new report shows that Carson City leads the nation in a warming trend since 1984. The analysis shows Carson City’s average temperature rose 4.1 degrees over the last several decades. This is called an urban heat island effect, where the air temperature can’t cool because sunlight is absorbed by the buildings and asphalt. At night the heat continues to radiate from the man-made structures and temperatures don’t cool down.

If the city moves forward with the proposed Carson Street plan, all of the trees and plants in the street median will be destroyed and replaced with more asphalt. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

Why doesn’t the city look into the parking problem? Why hasn’t anyone proposed parking structures to maximize the existing parking lots between Stewart and Carson streets? That seems to be a worthwhile project that would give many more people access to downtown. I vote to keep Carson Street just the way it is and keep the greenery.

Anita Whitmore

Carson City

Lyon sheriff’s race choice between two diverse candidates

The Lyon County Sheriff’s race presents a choice between two diverse candidates. One portrays the current administration, which has failed in many ways to properly represent the people of Lyon County, at times with very questionable decisions. He has experience, some training, but little education. The other has many years experience supervising large numbers of personnel, has an exemplary record of training and a good education.

One brings little or no change, being mired in the current system. The other has fresh ideas for positive change and has publicly called for better enforcement and more fiscal accountability.

One sometimes exhibits sound character judgement. The other stands firm on his principles — honesty, integrity, truthfulness, service.

Our choice is clear; Al McNeil hits “the nail on the head.” Why stay with status quo when there is a better way to go? Al McNeil for Lyon County Sheriff is the better way to go. Your vote will make it so!

David Black


A request for bargain stores

The Dollar Tree and new 99 Cents Only Stores are quite helpful to the public by offering so much for mere pennies. It seems like there is everything from arts and crafts, holiday supplies, automotive, all sorts of food, and now fresh produce available for that hungry family. There is just no end to what these two stores have to offer.

However, I am a little curious, maybe even puzzled about something. On their shelves are also women’s home pregnancy tests. Just how accurate they are I cannot say. But I’m sure they are much cheaper than the name brand tests found in drugstores.

So, I guess my question is this ­— if these stores are willing to go the extra mile for women by offering an affordable pregnancy test, then why not do the same thing for men and offer a cheap package of condoms? After all, to prevent life from happening within, shouldn’t precautions be taken from without?

I don’t think a bargain store offering condoms to the male public is too unusual of a request. These stores can also offer a rainbow of colors to choose from. Men will not only have the look of being safe, but with a spicy fashion sense and eye for detail. And in case people worry about stores running out, I’m sure there won’t be an overnight run on condoms anytime soon, as I am confident if there is, these stores would keep plenty others on hand for supply and demand’s sake.

Donald Paetz

Carson City

Appliance store gives outstanding customer service

My husband and I needed a new refrigerator and decided to buy it from Marty’s Appliance in Minden, and boy are we glad we did.

Just a little over a year after the purchase, it developed a big problem. I called Marty’s half expecting to hear, “It’s been over a year,” but instead I heard, “We will bring you a loaner and pick yours up and repair the problem.” No hesitation at all.

Had this been one of the box stores, we for sure would have been told to contact the manufacturer and doubt that they would have sent a replacement and fixed this one.

I am so grateful to Marty and his wonderful staff; I will never buy an appliance elsewhere.

Thelma Rogers



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