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140 years ago

There was some kind of a feast or sacrifice or day of fasting and Joss stick burning or something else going on in Chinatown yesterday. Maybe ‘twas a funeral; but anyhow, there was a good deal of unusual carriage riding by the Celestials, and an extra volume of rattle banging of gongs and fire cracker. Perhaps they were making a concerted drive against the Devil.

130 years ago

On Sunday afternoon the officers found a Paiute Indian lying in the street in Chinatown almost cut to pieces. The officers made the usual inquiries by the people there appeared to be about as much surprised as anybody that the tragic circumstances had happened. The Indians vowed they would wipe out Chinatown.

100 years ago

Yesterday a gang of 19 hoboes, passing under the appellation of I.W.W.s, were congregating at Wabuska, preparing for a hike to Tonopah. They were part of the group assembled at Hazen last Sunday that created such a racket that the state police were called in.

70 years ago

Den 4 of the cubs met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Roy Wise, den mother, and was assisted by her son Bill, acting den chief. The boys received cub neckerchiefs and discussed plans for the upcoming Halloween party. Attending were: Charles Elges, Duane and Roger Glanzman, Jerry Wise, Garry Johnson, Glen Smiley and Wayne West.

60 years ago

Ormsby County Sportsmen’s Association has come out with a new shoulder patch for members. The patch is green and gold with white lettering. According to members, the patch is hoped to help the sportsmen-farmer relationship in seeking permission to hunt on private property.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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