Virginia City celebrates Labor Day

Comstock Civil War Re-enactor Aiden Cluff, 12, bears the flag for the Union troops.

Comstock Civil War Re-enactor Aiden Cluff, 12, bears the flag for the Union troops.

To celebrate Labor Day, the Mitchell family walked the four blocks from their home to downtown Virginia City to watch the annual Labor Day parade.

“For us, part of it is that we live here in town,” said Clay Mitchell. “We want to support the events that are happening here.”

Six-year-old Cashel and his sister, Tuppence, 3, watched Civil War-era soldiers march past, along with women dressed in bustles and gathered skirts.

“They have lots of awesome stuff and fun and cool stuff,” Cashel said, then darted into the street to catch the treats being liberally tossed out.

“They get more candy here than Halloween,” said his mom, Cullen Mitchell.

In honor of the holiday dedicated to the American worker, unions representing trades such as iron and steel workers, the auto industry, the United Postal Service and more represented during Monday’s hour-long parade down Virginia City’s C Street.

The Railroad Workers United sang out, “You can’t scare me, I’m workin’ for the union.”

Others held signs reading, “Raising Wages Works.”

Participants yelled, “Happy Labor Day,” and “Happy birthday Nevada,” in honor of the state’s sesquicentennial.

Evenstar Chevez, of Reno, makes it a tradition to attend the parade with her family.

“I adore Virginia City,” she said. “It’s old. It’s historical. It’s just awesome.”

Politicians also showed up — local, state and beyond the grave.

Gov. Brian Sandoval rode in a vintage Virginia & Truckee Railway car along with Mark Hutchison, candidate for lieutenant governor.

Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Wally Earhart, led a group of Union troops down the parade route.

The parade concluded with the Battle of C Street staged by the Comstock Civil War Re-enactors.


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