Silver Dollars: Honoring those keeping us safe after 9/11

The Nevada Appeal’s Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels feature recognizes achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out other acts that missed the mark.

SILVER DOLLAR: Last Thursday was the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and while this is the time of year we remember those who lost their lives and those who have sacrificed to keep us safe, it’s something we should do every day. Especially those of us in the words of Pat Tillman — until he paid the ultimate sacrifice — who haven’t “done a damn thing” for their country.

So we recognize all of those who have sacrificed — first responders, military, veterans — in the fight against terrorists, including all those from National Guard units and others in Northern Nevada who have been sent in harm’s way to protect our freedom

SILVER DOLLAR: To all the volunteers and donors at FISH who were recently honored for all the work they do. To all those who attended and supported the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada during their annual World’s Greatest Luau & Kids’ Auction last weekend.

SILVER DOLLAR: On a lighter and self-serving note, we recognize Appeal staff writer Teri Vance for her valiant effort in coming in second in the Virginia City Media Camel Race. She deserves a Silver Dollar for just staying upright on the animal for 11 straight years now. She also deserves a Silver Dollar for the look on her face when a media colleague was riding side saddle right next to her. It was priceless.

WOODEN NICKELS: We can’t resist giving California a wooden nickel for losing the $5 billion Tesla gigafactory — to us. We are experiencing schadenfreude (feeling the joy in the misery of others) at the expense of California — and other states — but especially California — for being the winner in the Tesla sweepstakes.

But we also must give a wooden nickel to our own Teri Vance for not winning the media camel race. In the words of John Facenda, “all hopes and dreams” of the Appeal staff were dashed when Vance finished in second.


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