Letters to the editor for Friday, Sept. 19, 2014

Whose side are we on?

Are we participating on the wrong side? I see that our POTUS is sending Army National Guard troops to be stationed at the Israeli-Egyptian border, but on the Egyptian side!

Are we there to protect the Muslim Brotherhood from an Israeli strike? It would certainly look that way to any casual observer. ’Nuff said.

John Wood

Carson City

Where are Douglas tax dollars going?

Four years ago the roads in the Wildhorse neighborhood were to be resurfaced, but the job was never completed. No money, we were told, and same with fixing the failing curbing. Strange.

While driving on the flat, even, no pot holes or cracks East Valley Road between Johnson Lane and Buckeye, I saw they had found the money to resurface a perfectly good road. Hmmm, strange how that works.

Now, through the grapevine, we hear the county “fathers” are going to try to make developments take over maintaining the public roads in their area. Wildhorse Lane is a major cut-thru from Johnson to Stephanie by big trucks from the industrial area south of us and everyday commuters so we are supposed to have to pay to keep that road up. Strange how the county thinks we taxpayers should have to pay twice to keep up roads.

Maybe they plan on gating Wildhorse, but I doubt it. Maybe it’s time to look into where our road tax dollars are going by an independent board.

Thelma Rogers



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