Cheers & Kudos: Carson City BMX thanks everyone involved with track lighting project

Carson City BMX with all its riders, members, families and volunteers would like to thank Carson City Mayor Crowell, Board of Supervisors, Honorable Abowd, Bonkowski, Bagwell and Shirk; Carson City Building Facilities Bob Keith and Jim Foster; Public Works Department, Darren Anderson, Rick Cooley, John Platt and Kate Allen.

Not to forget Dinter Engineering, Ed Gansberg; Soft Lighting Systems, Del Armstrong; and Nevada Division of State Parks, Jenny Scanland. And lastly, Parks and Recreation, Roger Moellendorf, Scott Fahrenbruch, Vern Krahn and David Navarro. And I’m throwing Kim Copeland into the mix as she was instrumental in getting the ball rolling with Nevada Division of State Parks.

This thank you is for all the support and dedication in the Carson City BMX track lighting project. It has been a long road (with a few detours) and we are truly grateful for the results. We are a small group but do provide an outlet to kids (large and small/young and old) who want to have the thrill of BMX racing.

The community is welcome to visit our track, “the best kept secret in Carson City.” We are having an open house, April 11, 5 to 8 p.m. The open house is for the community to ask questions, try out the track, get to know us, plus at approximately 8 p.m., we will do a “soft” opening of our new light and turning on the lights. Carson City BMX starts racing Sunday morning, April 12. And we start our night racing (Friday Night Lights) in May.

In closing, wanted to submit this to the Nevada Appeal to publicly say thank you to all and let the community know even the little guys get taken care of.

Mary Leaming

Track operator, Carson City BMX


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