CVirtual grows in digital age

Businessmen having video conference on laptop

Businessmen having video conference on laptop

March was a noteworthy month for CVirtual, the fast-growing technology-based talent acquisition and recruiting company based in Reno.

First, the business was recognized by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada as its “biggest little company” for the month. Then a regional magazine nominated CVirtual for a family-owned business “out of the box” award, an accolade aimed to recognize companies with products and services unique to Nevada.

“We’ve been picking up a lot of momentum,” said Susan Moreno, CVirtual’s CEO, referring to business expansion since early 2014 for the startup company, which has not gone unnoticed.

CVirtual is landing contracts from businesses to provide full-service recruiting with a video-interviewing component.

The company primarily operates within the technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors.

The business, which has been self-funded in the early going, has grown from three employees to 14 over the past year and is actively engaged in pairing up candidates and companies in both northern Nevada as well as other parts of the U.S.

“When you look at the local job front over the next 2-5 years, there will be a big push to bring talent to some of the big companies opening or expanding” here, said Moreno, who runs the business with her husband, David Crumbley, the company’s chief operating officer. Joining them in the enterprise, which the couple developed out of their own resources, are their two daughters and son.

With marquee companies either relocating or expanding to the area. “Reno is really moving forward as a tech hub,” said Moreno.

“Economically, we had a rough 5-6 years,” she said. “It’s exciting that northern Nevada is finally getting a piece of the action,” she added of the employers setting up shop.

Because some of these companies don’t have human resources departments with talent acquisition managers, CVirtual seeks to fill “that sweet spot,” said Moreno, especially for the businesses in the 20-25 employee range. However, the team works with companies of all sizes, helping to source and attract high-quality candidates.

Once the company’s staff has completed the initial recruiting, it distributes video interviews, each of them about five minutes long, to hiring managers, often within 24 hours. The interviews are recorded by candidates at their own homes or offices.

If the hiring manager is suitably impressed to move forward, top candidates can then schedule face-to-face time at their convenience, said Moreno.

In terms of CVirtual’s future growth, Moreno said the business may need to look at strategic partnerships to fund expansion. “As we go forward and scale up, that may take additional dollars, which we may not be able to generate organically.”

“The technology changes so rapidly, you have to keep up,” she said of the constant improvements to the company’s proprietary software, which enables the process.


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