Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sandoval’s tax hikes on backs of Nevada taxpayers

Appeal reporter Geoff Dornan wrote in his story about Assemblyman Wheeler’s and Controller Knecht’s no-tax alternative state budget that it’s “balanced on the backs of local government and public employees.” Yes, and Sandoval’s budgeted tax hikes would be paid for on the backs of Nevada’s recession-whipped taxpayers. Dornan omitted that these job-killing tax hikes would fund Sandoval’s vanity education “initiatives” that do nothing to actually educate kids.

Contrary to the popular meme, the Republican legislative majority does not owe its victory to Gov. Sandoval. In fact, Sandoval’s political fixers funded pro-tax primary challengers to run against anti-tax Republicans. It’s the Republicans-in-name-only who have repudiated their anti-tax campaign promises that owe the governor; their tax hiking votes are bought and paid for.

Sandoval didn’t corrupt these RINOs; they corrupted themselves when they cynically took their campaign supporters’ money, shoe leather, time, and votes under false pretenses.

Team Sandoval has gotten off to a dishonorable and politically unwise start by pitting themselves against the majority of Republican legislators, the Nevada Republican Party, the Controller, Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

Sandoval campaigned as a tax-cutter, only to back stab individual and business taxpayers with his greedy money grab.

Lynn Muzzy



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