Past Pages for Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015

150 years ago

A dispatch from Salt Lake accounts for telegraphic peace east of that point in stating that the Indians about Platte Bridge have stolen five miles of wire. In connection with the statement is the account of a fight between a body of troops and a large force of Indians. Another Indian fight is recorded in Paradise Valley, in which the Indians were either all killed, wounded or dispersed. One soldier was killed and one wounded.

130 years ago

Hon. W.S. Hobart has declined to be a candidate for the nomination of United States Senator, and almost every Democratic journal in the state has remarked that he could not very well think of being a candidate for office in Nevada and still be a resident of California. — Lyon County Times.

100 years ago

As a result of the visit to San Francisco of W.W. Griffith, who returned this morning after an absence of 10 days, papers will be filed incorporating a big development and colonization company, whose purpose is to deal extensively in agricultural matters in the western part of the state. If their plans carry, and of this there is little doubt, a large Belgian colony will be located here.

70 years ago

An emergency loan of $3,000 for the purchase of the large hangar at the Carson airport is being asked by the Ormsby County Commissioners. The hangar, said to be the finest in the state, was built by the Pathfinder Flying Service.

50 years ago

Gov. Grant Sawyer today announced the organizational meeting of the newly-created “Vacation West” tourism task force, involving 18 western states in Carson City.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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