Letters to the editor for Friday, Aug. 7, 2015

Just who are the bullies, anyway?

The July 29 article in the Appeal is another example of how teaching is no longer an academic profession. I kept wondering if any teachers attending the recent Carson City School Board meeting resigned after hearing this policy. What is the purpose of education? It seems to have become a way to control students and eliminate decision-making. We are producing faceless drones who are being indoctrinated into people who cannot think or do for themselves. Teaching has become a position of monitoring and controlling students rather than igniting an enthusiasm for learning and guiding young people to reach their potential.

I am disgusted by this new policy; I called Reporter Pettaway and asked if she attended the meeting. She unfortunately was unable to attend and interviewed only Associate Superintendent Susan Keema. Pettaway stated this bullying policy was created by the Legislative process. Our legislators are good at bullying themselves; lobbyists are also known to be heavy-handed and pushy as examples of expertise in the art of bullying.

I’ve asked nearly 100 people, some strangers, some friends and associates: “Have you ever been bullied and/or bullied someone?” Most replied, “Yes,” to being on both sides and many said they learned a lot from their experiences. Children learn what they live. We have a power-hungry group of leaders who often are bullies themselves. Those who attended the Symposium on Common Core saw examples of bullying from the very people in the State Education Department who decided to put the spotlight on bullying. I see that as abuse of power.

Ann Bednarksi

Carson City


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