Carson City law enforcement cracking down on problem road areas

A school zone speed limit sign is shown near Bordewich-Bray Elementary School in Carson City.

A school zone speed limit sign is shown near Bordewich-Bray Elementary School in Carson City.

With an increase in accidents, Carson City authorities have been working on new roadway signs to help reduce traffic accidents.

One of the recent changes is the new “No turn on red” sign on Fairview Drive at Highway 395/Carson Street that Nevada Department of Transportation implemented at the beginning of the summer. Vehicles heading north are no longer allowed to turn right onto Fairview Drive from 395 when the light is red.

Though the sign is clearly marked, Carson City Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Scott McDaniel said many motorists haven’t been abiding by the new sign. He said that it was put there to reduce the accidents in that area from multiple people turning at once and also watching for pedestrians in the crosswalk. He said that a lot of deputies have been receiving complaints after citing drivers for not paying attention to the no turn sign.

McDaniel said there have already been numerous accidents in that area this year, and the Carson City Sheriff’s Office has investigated more than 250 accidents from January to July of this year on Carson City roadways.

Another problem area the sheriff’s office has seen is on King Street in front of Bordewich-Bray Elementary and Carson Middle School. Officials have been getting complaints of speeding, and with school starting soon, McDaniel said the department is worried about people obeying traffic laws as traffic increases with parents and students.

The school zone speed limit, which is 15 mph instead of the normal 25 mph, is in effect during school from 7:30-8:45 a.m. and 2:15-3:30 p.m.

“It is 25 mph during the normal day, but we want people to go slowly because there are a lot of crosswalks on this road with kids and we want people paying attention,” McDaniel said. “The school speed limit is in effect certain hours, but with King Street being such a straight roadway, people aren’t always paying attention to their speed.

“It is just about being mindful.”


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