Carson City Planning Commission to take up old Citibank project

Requests for changes to accommodate a third floor and residential/commercial reconstruction of downtown’s former Citibank building will go to Carson City’s Planning Commission Wednesday.

The Hop and Mae Adams Foundation is seeking a special use permit to breach the allowed building height by three feet and variance approval to reduce required setbacks. The large building with its interior already gutted, which is on Telegraph Square and is held by the foundation’s Adams 308 Curry LLC, would require for the project a variance to reduce setbacks to zero from 10 feet for side yards and from 30 feet for commercial.

The building height matter, which would slightly breach the allowed maximum of 47 feet, and the setback variance issues are in separate but related items. They are expected to be reviewed together or back-to-back by the commission during a meeting in the Sierra Room of the Community Center, 851 E. William St., beginning at 5 p.m. Wednesday. The agenda notes the items also are up for possible action after the reviews.

The eastern half of the property is zoned downtown mixed use and the western half is zoned residential/office. On the west and south sides of the structure there is parking. The reconstruction proposal envisions using the western half of the property for parking and residential. Downtown mixed use standards would apply for parking and landscaping, the agenda said. Renderings released earlier anticipated 10 apartments and 10 garages.

The foundation named for the late owners of the Carson Nugget casino owns property throughout the downtown, and for this project had the renderings done by Rob Darney, an architect. Those renderings showed an historic rather than modern facade for the project at 308 N. Curry St., which is on the southwest corner of Telegraph Square.

Also on the commission agenda Wednesday is a request from Bethlehem Lutheran School for a special use permit to allow for additional classrooms and school playground modifications. Bethlehem Lutheran Church and the school are listed as located on property at 1845 Mountain St.

In addition, on the agenda is an item calling for a continuance to the Sept. 30 meeting of matters related to a 41-lot planned unit development on property at 250 Eagle Station Lane. Continuing the item reportedly is due to a property notification error after the notice of public hearing was published.


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