Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015

Be kind to your neighbors

I grew up in Carson City. When I was a kid, neighbors were neighborly. They watched out for us kids, brought a dog home when it escaped, helped a single mother out by changing a tire or fixing a broken gate, and kids helped our elderly folk by shoveling snow from their sidewalks.

Today, it is much different. Children are yelled at or even threatened. Instead of offering a single mother a helping hand, a neighbor will sit on their porch, passing judgment. Making complaints to anyone who will listen. Not knowing or caring that their neighbor is going through an extremely difficult time and would appreciate a neighborly hand or at least some compassion.

My sister works hard to instill good values in her children. When it snowed recently, her older children went out and shoveled the sidewalks for a neighbor women. They take eggs they collect from their chickens to their neighbors. One son cooks over at the local church. They aren’t perfect and they will make mistakes, but they are good kids. They don’t deserve to be threatened or yelled at because they are walking down the street or sitting in their own front yard on a summer evening, chatting and laughing with friends.

For those neighbors out there that are truly neighborly, I applaud you. For those that don’t, ask yourself this question. If that was your daughter and family across the street, would you want them treated the same way you are treating them?

Dawn Wallace

Carson City


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