Reno is doorway to customer base for Italian manufacturer

A European producer of machines that make aluminum windows and doors will open a 5,000-square-foot distribution center in Reno at the first of the year.

Italy-based Pertici Industries will be doing business at 5350 Capital Court, No. 107, said Brad Lancaster, who brokered the deal for Miller Industrial Properties on behalf of his client.

Pertici North America, a subsidiary of the Tuscany-based company, chose northern Nevada because it offered the right amount of space, a great labor market and will be easy to scale up operations to reach its customer base in 11 western states, said Lancaster.

The opening of the U.S. branch comes at the conclusion of a thorough market analysis and is a starting point for strengthening the already strong presence of Pertici’s products, thanks to the cooperation of Ameri-Can, Pertici’s historical sole partner for Canada and the eastern U.S.

The new American subsidiary will allow the company to sell to new customers west of the Mississippi.

“They believe they have the momentum” to capture more market share out West with firms that build and sell windows and doors, said Lancaster.

The company manufactures a line of machining centers, saws, end mills, PVC welders and cleaners and will be the only machines of their kind on the West Coast. The company ships its products from Italy on container ships to the Port of Oakland.

“It’s a modest footprint in terms of the Teslas and Switches of the world, but we love to see absorption by these small- to medium-sized companies” in our industrial market, said Lancaster.

“It’s not going to make the Channel 4 newscast, but these small companies are the backbone of a lot of our growth. It adds to our economic diversity,” said Lancaster.

About a half-dozen employees will staff the facility, he said, which includes office, warehouse and a showroom for Pertici to “show off their most popular pieces of equipment” for customers in the aluminum door and window industry.


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