The Skin Clinic opens

The Skin Clinic is available at Reno medical spa Renovation located at 960 Coughlin Crossing Suite 101 and at Bella Lago Aesthetics, Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Truckee.

The Skin Clinic is available at Reno medical spa Renovation located at 960 Coughlin Crossing Suite 101 and at Bella Lago Aesthetics, Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Truckee.

Northern Nevada plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Virden, has opened a new Skin Clinic in his medical spas and plastic surgery practices to fill a void in the skin care industry.

The Skin Clinic provides a “one stop shop” for patients wanting to get quick medical attention to skin concerns without waiting to see a dermatologist and without going through insurance.

“We are providing high quality care, rapid access and cash payment options for our patients,” Dr. Virden said.

The Skin clinic offers services such as growth biopsies, benign lesion or mole removal, scar treatment, pathology, diagnosis, prescription acne treatment and simple skin cancer treatment. All of the procedures have set menu cash prices.

Dr. Virden explained that the specialty care for dermatology is underserved in the Reno area. This new business model is designed to help fill this need.

According to Dr. Virden, providing these types of services has always been in the back of his mind.

Over the years, Dr. Virden and the staff at his medical spas received many question from patients and clients about skin abnormalities and other skin concerns; however, the staff at the medical spa are not qualified to address these concerns so clients had to either make an appointment with Dr. Virden or see a dermatologist. Both of which could have long wait times involved.

Several months ago, Physician Assistant Aleah Hartung reached out to Dr. Virden for a job at his practice. He hired her on and took the opportunity to open The Skin Clinic to fill the void in the industry.

“Right now I am overseeing her on all of the procedures,” Dr. Virden said. “At some point she will run the clinic.”

Hartung received her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Nevada, Reno and recently graduated from the Stanford University School of Medicine with her physician assistant license and a Masters in Medical Science.

According to Dr. Virden, the need for more skin care access has gotten worse and people’s deductibles have also gotten worse.

“It can take three, four, or even five months to see a dermatologist,” Dr. Virden said. “While skin cancer (and skin abnormalities) does not normally kill you, while patients are waiting, they are worried that they might have something dangerous.”

Dr. Virden mentioned a patient he saw who needed to be treated for back acne in late November. He was not able to get an appointment with a dermatologist until February. He heard about The Skin Clinic and was able to see Dr. Virden in a couple of days and be treated for his skin condition.

“We have already followed up with him and he is already doing better,” Dr. Virden said.

Dr. Virden has more than 20 years of experience as a plastic surgeon.

He opened his medical spa Renovation and his practice in 1998 in a location by St. Mary’s and in 2004 he moved to his current 6500-square-foot location at 960 Coughlin Crossing Suite 101. In 2011, he opened the Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa called Bella Lago Aesthetics in Truckee, Calif. Dr. Virden splits his time between the two businesses.

His Reno medical spa Renovation employs around 30 people and offers services such as massages, permanent cosmetics, aesthetic skin peels, botox and more.

The Skin Clinic will be available at both the Reno and Truckee locations and are now accepting patients.

To learn more about The Skin Clinic or to make an appointment, call 775-348-9798.


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