Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015

Teaching English as a second language is rewarding

I teach English to a group of moms. I asked them to write about what success means to them. The following are two students’ responses. I included all mistakes because their words are from their hearts.

Maria wrote the first one.

“My Success For me to been Learned by myself things I Learn about myself things I never thought I Learn about myself and Learned to read and learned to write in order to teach them to my children that anything is possible when you want and also as a wife and mother do not think So I miss So bad because I have 18 years of marriage. I am proud of me.”

Alejandra wrote the next. I told her she is a poet.

“To me, success means to be happy, to have a good job, to have good family relationships, and to like yourself. To me, success means to be happy, and happiness is made for periods and moments because when you are a kid we go through phases. One phase when you grow up is getting married. Another one is when you get a job and have to take care of your family. Another one is the birth of your child, his first word, first steps, first day at school, first graduation, first meet and first birthday. Same with your first love, first job and family. Each moment counts. Enjoy it no matter is good or bad.”

It is a privilege to know my students, be part of their lives, and learn about their culture. To volunteer, call 775-671-7455, or stop by 1711 N. Roop St.

Cathleen Mital

ESL Program Director at United Latino Community

Raising minimum rage will hurt seniors

Regarding raising minimum wage to $13 an hour, have you considered you will put more seniors on welfare by this action?

We live on a fixed income earned by hard work and savings. We are 80 and 90 years young. We have been through raising the minimum wage before goods/food/necessities go up. It is a true 20 percent increase, and no increase for the senior fixed income folks. With little or no Social Security increase, we will be struggling to stay above poverty levels. We will need places to go for free food, clothes, goods, and amenities when the minimum wage is increased.

As proud parents, we do not rely on our children for any assistance. But it could happen. We are not a communist country, so let us live out our senior years with dignity.

We can’t stand a 20 percent increase in living. Besides the wage increase, those who get it will only hold them even because they too will be affected by all the 20 percent increases.

All businesses must go up or go under. All businesses will increase prices. In 1952, a McDonald’s hamburger was 50 cents or a special at 39 cents. Look at today!

A movie was 15 cents when I was a young lad. Now it’s more than $10.

My first job in 1940 was at $1 per hour. And I was happy to do it. Yes, I lived at home. But my dad worked 12 hours a day six days a week.

Why raise the entry level?

Chuck Harris

Carson City

Adam Laxalt is a breath of fresh air

I have been meaning to write a letter in response to the column “New Attorney General Program Gives Legal Help for Servicemen,” but Christine Shaw beat me to it.

I’m grateful for Mr. Laxalt’s readiness and willingness to help our active military as well as our veterans receive pro bono legal services. Thank you also to the attorneys willing to provide their services.

What a treasure we have here in Nevada to have Adam Laxalt as our Attorney General! This young man is a breathe of fresh air to our community and gives me renewed faith in the younger generation.


Arlene M. Larsen

Carson City


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