Foundation connects people who care with causes that matter

$130,000,000 is a lot of money, especially when it’s given to charities by people like you and me, who earned it. Precious money earned and carefully saved. We don’t give away that kind of money easily, but I’m very proud to share that $130,000,000 has been donated to the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to support worthy causes throughout Northern Nevada and beyond.

Even more, money has been promised to benefit our community as charitable gifts through wills and trusts. It is a testament to the people of Nevada. Nevadans love our region and believe in the ability of charitable organizations to do good work.

Since the inception of the Community Foundation, it has distributed more than 6,000 individual grants totaling $80 million. Yet, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada is not well known. Our office is in downtown Reno across from the HUB coffee shop. We are one of your neighbors, and it’s time more people are familiar with us. Established in 1998, the Foundation is led by a Board that includes people you know or know about. The Community Foundation Board members are outstanding in their reputation, and in their fiduciary oversight of the Foundation.

As a reader of the NNBW, you are a key person to help us spread the word about the Community Foundation. More than half of the generous people we work with are referred by professional advisors, including attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors, and also investment professionals, real estate agents, fundraisers, wealth management consultants, banks, and trust companies.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada connects people who care with causes that matter. We are bound together. We strengthen our region through charitable giving. We lead and assist individuals, professional advisors and private foundations with their philanthropy, connecting them to causes that matter most to them.

The Community Foundation brings diverse stakeholders together to help solve community challenges. We support local nonprofits through our Partnership Fund. We lead community initiatives. We join forces together to make a bigger difference in the organizations, business community and people we partner with. Our team has the knowledge and compassion to engage the community and help ignite change.

We bring the right people together to serve our community and foster big opportunities for those involved. We are actively involved as a solutions-minded partner, seeking results that are beneficial to all.

If you want to give to your favorite causes, create your legacy or are thinking about a more focused approach, we work with you to infuse change and create results. We collaborate with nonprofits, government, business, and other partners to make a lasting impact. It’s the core of what we do. There are several choices for your contribution. Donor-advised funds are a core competency of the Community Foundation. You may want to support the Community Fund, Partnership Grants or create a scholarship.

We work with professional advisors to provide their clients with ways to make charitable investments that make a considerable difference in the community. This charitable gift planning team helps clients use the best tax strategies and strategic investments. We value our partnerships with professional advisors in wealth management, legal, accounting, and insurance.

The Community Foundation assists families with private foundations with the administrative burden of their philanthropy so they can focus on the joy of giving. We are a good option to consider when the private foundation’s original purpose no longer applies, or the philanthropic mission needs to be updated to meet changing needs. The Community Foundation is also an ideal alternative when there are rising operational and investment management costs that reduce charitable assets. If you are thinking about establishing a private foundation, consider a fund with the Community Foundation instead.

We are committed to keeping Nevada’s nonprofit sector strong. The work of local nonprofit organizations impacts the quality of life for all of us. We grow endowments to keep Western Nevada’s charities vital for generations.

We make philanthropy simple, powerful and effective. One of the reasons it is hard to understand what the Community Foundation is and does is because of the breadth of our work. But when you talk with someone from the Community Foundation, it becomes simple because we focus on you and your charitable objectives. When you partner with The Community Foundation of Western Nevada, you are making the biggest impact possible. You are led in the right direction, with the right resources, for the causes that matter most to you. We take an active role in your charitable giving efforts and serve as your ambassadors in engaging the community. Add these things up, and the results are greater than you could have ever imagined. Learn more today at

Story by Chris Askin


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