Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015

Don’t let excessive boozing ruin holiday parties

Holiday parties require much work — preparing, roasting, baking, gift buying, wrapping, etc. But before we know it, our so-called special and otherwise joyful holiday becomes a “holidaze” because of excessive boozing.

I wish to point out the principles of a local nightclub, Glen Eagles. Maintaining and cordially upholding high standards of lounge management is a friendly bar master by the name of Kenny.

Kenny is the eagle-eyed manager of his “party-down” territory, and has a caring manner, which, I believe, should be the paradigm for all others to follow in order to limit the number of accidents due to overindulgence.

In extremely rare incidents of belligerent or combative individuals, Kenny is prepared and ready to deal courteously and courageously with any problem that may arise — without offending or embarrassing anyone.

One of Kenny’s notable lounge rules is, if any patron is or appears unable to drive or even walk home, he would call a taxi or provide a personal escort by a fellow patron, someone well known to Kenny himself.

I don’t know of the policies of other local nightclubs, but I believe if similar businesses would adopt some of the practices employed by Kenny, it would be a good thing!

Lastly, as we sally into our vast celebrations during this snow winter season, we should hope and pray that in bringing in the yuletide cheer, every one of us will be able to sound out a hardy, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and not a terribly regrettable, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Thane Cornell

Carson City


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