Faith & Insight: ‘At The Border Of A New Year’

As we stand at the border of a new year, let us consider the words of the prophet Moses, “Ask now of the days that are past.”

Moses delivered the children of Israel to the border of the land of promise. There he encouraged them and challenged them. He said, “Ask now of the days that are past.”

Moses knew God’s people should not be obsessed with the past. They would not be able to make progress and move ahead if they focused upon the past. Jesus illustrated this truth with the story of a plowman who put his hand to the plow and looked backward. The backward look makes for a pitiful field and life. It renders one unfit for the kingdom of God.

Moses also knew it was not in the best interest of the people to attempt to live in the past. Some from the previous generation had suggested such a return to Egypt...and to slavery. Moses, like Paul centuries later, would encourage the people to forget what lies behind and to press on.

So, why ask of the days that are past? Valuable lessons may be gleaned from the past. We can draw encouragement from the past. We do well to remember where we have come from. We then may consider where we are and where we are heading on life’s journey.

As we stand at the border of a new year, let us learn from the past and take encouragement. Let us fix our eyes upon Jesus and face 2016 with confident anticipation knowing Jesus holds the future in His right hand. For the Christian, the future is always bright!

Ken Haskins is pastor of First Christian Church in Carson City.


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