Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015

A sensible way to solve nation’s problems

Forty years ago, 1974-75, the government called for the use of renewable, and otherwise cleaner, engines. That call was abandoned before the 1970s ended! Shortly thereafter, Congress capped the use of nuclear energy at 50 percent. Dependence on foreign oil began its climb. Governmental revenue disappeared!

All the while, the Environmental Protection Agency with its congressional carte blanche authority was replacing much of our manufacturing industry with a financially weaker service industry. More government revenues disappeared. Small middle class service businesses associated with manufacturing also disappeared. More lost revenues. At least 10 million families were thrust into poverty. More lost revenues.

The new millennium ushered in a 50 percent dependence on foreign oil. Revenue losses continued to climb.

In 2007, the cost of foreign oil nearly halted our service economy. The recession that followed will not soon be forgotten. More government revenues were lost.

Since 2007, our own oil production has quietly increased nearly 100 percent. Are we now buying our own oil while the states attempt to implement renewable energy at a 10 percent level?

Shortly after the 2007 economic meltdown began, the Republicans convened a congressional hearing concerning energy and the economy. Oil and energy experts told them they could have their oil in the marketplace in 1-2 years, without undue interference from the EPA. The energy experts also said energy and economic independence could be achieved in 7-10 years.

What a sensible way to solve our energy, economic and national debt problems, all the while implementing a more clean natural gas.

Ron Wood



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