Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

Be sure to catch ‘I am They’

Carson City has a Christian folk-pop sextet homegrown group with roots in Northern Nevada.

Stephanie Kulla and Matt Hein lead this wonderful band with Adam Palmer, Sara Palmer, Justin Shinn and Bobby Stiehler rounding out the band.

If you haven’t seen and heard them yet, I Am They is touring the United States right now but will be back in Carson City after its 23-city rock and worship show.

Stephanie Kulla is awesome. I Am They rocks. Carson City is the best place in Nevada to live.

Shane Bostwick

Carson City

Seeking clarification on climate change column

Dear Kathy Walters, Significant ideological and partisan polarization has occurred on the issue of climate change over the past decade. True, the UN’s IPCC has assembled strong evidence supporting the view that climate change is human-induced, but there are strong dissenting facts as well, and here a few:

1. Yes, there appears to be a warming trend, but the past decade has seen a deceleration. Why?

2. Scientists believe that slightly less than half of global warming is due to carbon dioxide, a component of the greenhouse gases. Do you agree with this?

3. What about the theory that solar cycles affect how much radiation strikes the earth and this accounts for recent climate change, not carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Others cite man-made influences including industrial emissions of black soot, which warms the air by absorbing sunlight. Still others propose that multiple factors — black soot, land use changes, and more — compound the effects of greenhouse gases on global and regional climate.

Acknowledging so many possible causes of climate change leaves the average citizen confused. And I realize that this is a very complicated subject. I’ve read with interest your recent commentaries voicing your support for the IPCC conclusions and wonder if you would address what you believe — and why — concerning the dissenting views.

Joe Beben

Carson City


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