Rash of burglaries stem from drug abuse

Editor’s note: This editorial originally appeared in today’s Record-Courier.

A rash of burglaries along the northern and western parts of Carson Valley appear to have been solved with the arrest of six people in connection with a burglary ring in Carson City.

Douglas, Carson City and Washoe authorities believe these may have been the people responsible for entering homes in the three jurisdictions and taking residents’ jewelry and other valuables.

None of those taken into custody have been convicted of any crime in connection with the thefts. The investigation sounds like it’s continuing with Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong promising more arrests, seeking not just those who broke into homes, but those who helped dispose of the loot.

From what we know of the two Johnson Lane burglaries in December and January, the thieves were thorough, taking the time to open all of one victim’s Christmas presents, leaving all the cabinet doors open as they went through the homes.

Besides the valuables, a pillowcase was taken to carry the stolen items.

From what we know from law enforcement officers, those suspected of carrying out the thefts blamed drug addiction for their activities.

We’ve seen many instances where those addicted to drugs have turned to crime to support their habits. While we accept addiction is a medical condition, there are few diseases whose sufferers break into peoples’ homes or hold them up at gunpoint for their money.

Those actions make it difficult to separate addicts from criminals until addicts can be separated from drugs.


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