Nancy Dalls: Color me gray

While I may disagree on some details relating to some issues, I really am not having any major problems with the Republican legislative agenda and the unusually efficient manner Republicans are addressing it in this legislative session (Construction defect reform, Prevailing wage; Voter ID, et al); however, when it comes to any and all actions and debate relating to budget issues, I’m having a terrible time trying to figure where I stand in this moderate vs. conservative, name-calling, threat filled, no compromise Republican legislative budget debate — other than knowing I don’t fully agree with either extreme’s all black or all white stances ... no new taxes, period or the Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget as presented.

I do know, however:

I’m disgusted with the treatment of our conservative Republican state treasurer by our Republican moderate state senators on the Finance Committee. The committee acted and sounded like bloviated fools with all their pontificating, hollering and unseemly conduct. This was a unbefitting manner for any elected state official to act toward another elected official. It was a sloppy display of attempted intimidation — intended, I suppose, to ward off any other attempts to disrupt a no-compromise, no discussion governor’s budget agenda. Perhaps these individuals should remember our state treasurer was elected to office by a considerable number of more voters than any sitting legislator. He represents the state. Senators serve the state, but are elected representatives of just one of 21 districts. And, while agreement is not necessary, I think some level of respect should be shown to an individual with the financial knowledge our treasurer possesses.

I’m disgusted with the recall efforts aimed at the Assembly speaker and at least one other assemblyman — actions taken for the sole purpose of intimidating those who have apparently waffled a bit after signing the “no new taxes pledge” ... before any committee hearings or votes have been held. Hardly grounds for a recall election. If you haven’t noticed, while it’s not a commendable trait, it’s a common trait amongst politicians of all leanings to talk out of more than one side of one’s mouth — but this is not a criminal act or President Obama would be sitting in jail with a life sentence. Each assemblyman has to answer to the voters in a year, regardless, so in my opinion it’s a childishly vengeful action by an element bent solely on intimidation and embarrassment. It belittles the true intent of a recall effort.

I’m disgusted with the intimidating brouhaha over whether a candidate or elected official signs or does not sign the “no new taxes pledge”. Personally, I see no sense in signing it and would not if presented with the opportunity as a candidate. Much too much is made of it for those who do sign it and much too much is made of negatively branding those who don’t. The Republican philosophy leans toward lower taxes, less government intrusion in our lives and the subsequent growth of businesses/economy. Why insist one must sign a pledge to get that point across to the voters?

And, as has been proven, it’s a hard pledge to keep once elected and one is faced with the harsh realities of governing and politics — even if one means well. For those who sign it simply for the electoral benefits, it’s meaningless.

I’m disgusted with those who have signed it only for the electoral benefits and, subsequently, willfully and scornfully renege on that pledge — just as I’m disgusted with those who renege on any campaign pledge once elected. But, it’s the voters who bear the responsibility to oust them the next time they run for office. If not enough people vote to unseat them — it simply proves the majority of voters do not take the tax pledge, or other broken campaign promises, as seriously as some think they should.

I’m disgusted with those voters who base their vote for or against a candidate solely on whether they have signed the pledge or not.

And lastly, I’m disgusted and fearful now that we finally have a session controlling number of Republicans sitting in our Nevada elected offices (legislative and constitutional), the moderates and conservatives are both so afraid of their benefactors’ shadows November’s triumphs are going to result in another budget gridlock; that with all the power now in Republican hands to finally accomplish something genuinely fiscally positive for our state, this year’s budget result is going to be no different than past efforts — simply because those who control the process (Republicans — moderates and conservatives) are not going to remove themselves from their benefactors’ shadows and their respective “my way or no way”, all black or all white stances.

Color me gray!

Think about it.

Nancy Dallas is editor/publisher of NewsDesk.


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