Gardnerville man held in vandalism spree



A Gardnerville man is being held on $20,000 after he was arrested in connection with a Dec. 12, 2014, vandalism spree in Minden and Gardnerville.

Daniel Crawford, 21, reportedly told investigators he had been up all night and was drunk and angry with family members when he left his home on Douglas Avenue to walk to the Carson Valley Inn.

“Crawford walked northbound along Highway 395, breaking windows and damaging property at several businesses and residences in the area as he walked,” Sheriff’s Spokesman Sgt. Pat Brooks related Monday.

While at the Carson Valley Inn Casino, Crawford was evicted for disorderly conduct. On the way home, he took a different route, leaving a trail of vandalism behind him, Brooks said.

Crawford was recognized after being observed on surveillance at one of the 15 locations he vandalized. Douglas investigators later located Crawford, and during interrogation he committing the offenses.

Crawford told investigators he did not target any of the locations, and stated his sole reason for committing the damage was because he was drunk and angry.

Authorities estimate damage between $10,000 and $15,000 was done during the spree.

Crawford was taken into custody on an arrest warrant early Monday morning.

Crawford is awaiting a Feb. 9 sentencing for possession of a controlled substance. He was out on bail at the time of the vandalism after being arrested on Dec. 5. He was given a dishonorable discharge from probation for a 2011 drug possession charge in June 2014.


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