Letters to the editor for Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015

Don’t support top-heavy education bureaucracy

Regarding your article “Getting down to business,” Gov. Sandoval’s conceit is that his “invest[ment] in our education system” would somehow improve schools by adding brand new do-nothing programs to an already top-heavy education bureaucracy.

Clark County School District’s annual compensation packages for the highest-paid 2,300 employees start at $100,000 each and go up to more than $327,000. Salaries and benefits for fat cat non-teachers at most other Nevada public school districts are equally rich.

At UNLV, annual compensation for each of the top 350 employees starts at $200,000 and goes up to $1.2 million. At UNR, 500 employees are collecting between $200,000 and $1.4 million in tax dollars every year.

Instead of facing down his campaign contributors and doing the hard work to dismantle a broken education superstructure that’s diverting tax money from the classroom, the governor and his operatives are arm-twisting Republican-in-name-only legislators to support liberal, job-killing tax hikes.

A recall plan is being put in place for RINOs who break their campaign promises and shaft their voters. Tell your legislators to keep their hands out of your pockets. If Sandoval wants money to fund vanity projects, there’s plenty of government waste to cut.

Marshall Goldy



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