Carson City Visitors Bureau is partnering with Yonder

Carson City’s Visitors Bureau is partnering with Yonder, an outdoor recreation mobile app and platform, in a bid to lure outdoor enthusiasts to visit Nevada’s capital.

Noting the community recently was named as one of the top 10 most travel-worthy state capitals by USA Today, the bureau is stressing outdoor activities and opportunities as part of marketing the community via a “Be Our Guest” approach and by emphasizing trails for hiking or mountain biking.

Also mentioned as area opportunities for outdoor recreation seekers using the Yonder app to cruise Carson City and environs were kayaking and camping. Visitors have a chance to follow @VisitCarsonCity on Yonder as well as view geo-located content from the community to see images and gather information on various activities or destinations in the city and region, according to the bureau.

Yonder has grown from a mobile app since 2013, according to the bureau, to become the leading mobile platform for outdoor enthusiasts to connect and share adventures around the world. The bureau credited the Yonder platform with reaching more than a million such enthusiasts worldwide.


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