Letters to the editor for Thursday, July 16, 2015

We’re becoming East California

So here’s a question for the legislators who just passed the largest tax increase in Nevada history — if we increase the tax on cigarettes to discourage people from smoking and give existing smokers the incentive to quit, won’t the other tax increases have a similar effect? If you increase business taxes, won’t that lead to fewer businesses being started? If you increase the tax on gross revenue, won’t businesses be forced to move out of state, or not come here at all?

All of this will result in less revenue for the state. I understand the “it’s for the children” argument. But I have something better — jobs for their parents!

I moved my company from California more than 22 years ago, thinking Nevada was a better business climate. Now we are becoming East California, Anti Business Nevada. How sad for future generations.

Bill Miller

Carson City


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