Letters to the editor for Saturday, July 18, 2015

Water, tall women in heels, illegal immigration and bicycles

If we can build an oil pipeline from Northern Canada to Houston, Texas, why can’t we build a water pipeline from the eastern states to the western states? That would alleviate the damage from flooding in the East and help the drought stricken states. Since everyone benefits, I would think that all of the affected states would be willing to contribute to the cost.

Why are the tallest women the most frequent wearers of heels?

Obama’s recent requirements for amnesty to illegal immigrants specified several conditions; I recall a clean felony record and a fee (or fine) of $500. Why wasn’t there a requirement of some degree for an English literacy test? Without some English literacy, the ones receiving amnesty will be doomed to qualify for only the lowest paying jobs. Was that the administration’s intent?

There are a lot of expensive concessions to the bicycle enthusiasts in this area. Maybe paying a fee to register the bikes and display a small license plate could help defer the costs instead of the citizens funding all the endeavors. It was a requirement in the city I grew up in. Displaying a license plate on the bikes may help the cyclists to accept the fact that they are part of the traffic flow and should obey traffic laws, as should drivers of autos. I frequently see bicyclists riding through stop signs and even red lights.

Don Gurney

Carson City


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