Nevada Appeal at 150: Dec. 10, 1936: Albert I, Britain’s new king

Albert I, Britain’s new king

Decision of Edward VII to abdicate read to House of Commons late today; He quits the British Empire tomorrow forever

Royal romance with American woman brings reign of less than a year to end after tilt with officers of the government

London, Dec. 10 — (LP) — King Edward adhered to his custom of shattering British traditions in abdicating today.

Never before in history has the British crown been discarded for the love of a woman. But precedent meant nothing to Edward while he was Prince of Wales or since he ascended to the throne as England’s 38th monarch on Jan. 20, 1936.

The bachelor king sacrificed the adoration of millions of his subjects, the prestige of being ruler of the world’s greatest modern empire and untold wealth.

The secret of Edward’s popularity was his ability to meet all grades of society on their own levels. He made them think that to him they were the most important people in the world. He drank beer with miners in “pubs” and champagne with kings and dictators. He had the same charm for all.

He broke precedents immediately after the death of his father, King George V. By custom and tradition, although not imperative, Britain’s kings marry to provide an heir to carry on the line of succession to the throne. But Edward was said to have remarked that England had a virgin queen who was a great success; why not a bachelor king?

He had to break precedent again to marry the woman he loves because she is an American, twice-divorced, and British laws would not permit her to become queen.

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