Carson High School seniors put a little pizzazz in graduation

Living and appreciating the moment was the theme at graduation as Carson High School said goodbye to more than 400 students at graduation Saturday.

Nearly 80 degree weather greeted the excitement and joy for loved ones, students and faculty as they celebrated the graduation ceremony at the Carson High School athletic facilities. The graduates were joined on stage by members of the school board and Superintendent Richard Stokes.

Multiple students presented at the ceremony as well. Valedictorian Jessica Basa talked about how people look too much at the future, while under appreciating the present.

“Take a chance and take every present moment as a moment that you can be proud of,” Basa said, talking about the students appreciating this present moment. “It’s the moment that is great; there is no better time to start living than today.”

Student body president, Jared Hearn also gave the students some advice on how to continue with life including: talk isn’t cheap, people make talk cheap; be weary of cynicism as expertise; love like you have forgotten how much it hurts to be burned; and attack life, it will kill you anyway.

“And last, to quote the great movie Zombieland, ‘that’ll do pig, that’ll do,’” Jared Hearn said.

The Carson High students were also recognized by Principal Tasha Fuson for awards such as the top athlete in track, National Athlete of the Year, state championship winners for academics and athletics, and more than $3 million in scholarships.

The highlight of the ceremony was the sea of decorated graduation caps. From glitter, to bows, to spray paint, and even a glued on airplane, each graduate showed off their individual personalities.

“Let’s give a shout out to these grad caps,” Fuson said. “It is cool to look out and see all the creativity.”

Graduate Destanee Cachucha used her favorite activities as inspiration for her cap. Because she was a cheerleader, choir and drama club member, she made sure that each was represented on her cap.

“I am a cheerleader and I think glitter is everything so I have that with my cheer bow and some music notes and a stage,” Cachucha said. “It captures my personality and my school accomplishments.

“I felt like the plain caps were too boring, it needed a little pizzazz,” Chachucha added.

At the end of ceremony, the graduates walked off the stage to collect their diplomas and reunite with their family members and friends.

“It feels awesome to be graduated,” graduate Joey Cusumano said. “I’ll miss the people and coming here every day, but I am excited (to be moving on).”


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