Carson Tahoe works to raise awareness of chronic wounds

The Carson Tahoe Center for Wound Healing is partnering with Healogics, Inc., the country’s largest provider in wound care services, to raise awareness throughout the region about chronic wounds affecting millions of people in the U.S. The rising incidence of chronic wounds continues to be fueled by an aging population and increasing rates of diseases and conditions such as obesity, and the late effects of radiation therapy. Left untreated, chronic wounds can lead to diminished quality of life and possibly amputation of the affected limb.

During this week, National Wound Care Awareness Week, experts from the Carson Tahoe Center for Wound Healing will dedicate an entire week to work with regional providers to educate patients and their loved ones about the dangers of chronic, non-healing wounds and the most advanced therapies available locally. “National Wound Care Awareness Week aligns with our ongoing commitment to enhancing health literacy throughout Northern Nevada,” said Melissa Vodicaka, Program Director with the Carson Tahoe Center for Wound Healing. “We are dedicated to empowering the communities we serve by keeping them abreast of the latest, evidence-based guidelines for preventing, treating, and managing chronic wounds.”

As the only not-for-profit center in Nevada to be recognized as a 2014 “Center of Distinction” by Healogics, Inc., Carson Tahoe Center for Wound Healing offers comprehensive wound consultation and evaluation along with the most effective and state-of-the-art wound technologies available. Advanced treatments include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered skin substitutes, biological and biosynthetic dressings, and growth factor therapies.

People with wounds that have not improved with traditional methods of treatment may benefit from a visit to the Carson Tahoe Center for Wound Healing. To schedule an appointment, call (775) 445-5632 or visit


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