Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Caucus keeps citizen involvement

Caucus versus a primary election — which is better? That would depend on your view of representative government and how much participation you wish to put in it. In a primary election, turnout is generally poor unless there is a hotly contested issue or presidential candidate. Even when there is a spectacular turn out of say 20 percent of the registered voters, many of those voters could not make a reasonable case for “their” candidate, much less the others on the ballot. So, we get votes based on name recognition at best or guesses at worst.

In a caucus, those who show up are motivated to be there and generally have a handle on the issues. I for one like to have motivated citizens choose the candidates rather than a gaggle of folk who show up because someone offered them some goodies and a ride in exchange for going to the polls to ostensibly vote for “their” candidate.

The GOP sponsored letter to the editor is trying to make the case that small groups “hijack” the process. Well, government is all about involvement of small groups. The American Revolution was fought and won with 11 percent involvement.

The GOP party establishment wants a primary to keep any change from happening! At present, the GOP and Democrat party establishments run the system and any truly fresh ideas are to be squashed.

Please join with me in supporting citizen involvement and keep the caucus. I’ll see you there!

John Wood

Carson City


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