American Cancer Society applauds increase in cigarette tax

The American Cancer Society issued a statement on Wednesday applauding the increase in Nevada’s cigarette tax.

The dollar a pack increase was contained in SB483, the omnibus tax package designed to generate $1.3 billion and balance the state’s $7.4 billion General Fund budget. Gov. Brian Sandoval signed SB483 on Monday.

Cancer Society spokesman Tom McCoy said the increase will reduce tobacco use and save lives as well as help prevent young people from becoming addicted tobacco users.

He estimated every 10 percent increase in the price of cigarettes reduces youth smoking by 6.5 percent and overall tobacco consumption by about 4 percent.

The increase was included in the tax bill more as a revenue generator than as a health issue. The dollar increase to $1.80 per pack is expected to raise $192 million in new revenue over the coming two years.


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