Letters to the editor for Sunday, June 14, 2015

Carson City needs noise ordinance

This is in response to a letter from Phil Stotts about a noisy “ghetto blaster” behind his car in downtown Carson City. He went on to say that a motorcycle cop “magically” appeared and pulled up to the “boom box bozo” and had a “come to Jesus” talk with him and the noise immediately ceased. Actually, the cop had no jurisdiction in this situation and the “bozo” could have told the cop to pound sand.

I was at an event a while back in Mills Park and met with Sheriff Ken Furlong. I asked him if Carson City had a noise ordinance because I was fed up with the noisy Harley-Davidsons and the cars with the mufflers removed. According to what Sheriff Furlong told me, there is no noise ordinance in Carson and those noisy vehicles can be as loud as the owner wants. This would apply to “boom box bozo,” also. If “boom box bozo” sees this, he can tell the next cop to kiss off.

Maybe some day our illustrious city leaders will institute a noise ordinance, but I’m not holding my breathe.

Edward Jackson

Carson City

What about our current museums?

Assembly Bill 377 is the stepping stone toward the creation of a museum at the Nevada State Prison. A worthy cause, no doubt. But, and it’s a large but, nothing has been done funding wise addressing the needs of the existing state museums. The Nevada State Museum in Carson City has had to close several galleries in order to provide storage space for the preservation of a number of artifacts.

Current storage facilities are not only packed to the ceiling, but also lack basic environments for the proper preservation of items from Nevada’s history. I believe that AB377, with its good intentions, was advocated by preservationists wearing blinders. Nevada needs support for its other state museums as well as our NSP pet project. Our state museum in Carson City is considered one of the best small museums in the country. Let’s not throw it away just because we are thinking inside the box.

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City

Pouring money into schools isn’t the answer

Pouring more money into schools — that has never been the answer. We have good teachers, but there is very little parental help for their own children. How do you teach a kid to speak English when he or she can’t even speak his or her own language? They go to school to learn, then go home to a family that speaks only non-English. Then there is the kid who speaks English with a one-parent home. Mom works all day and is too tired to help her kid at night.

Remember the good old PTA when parents really got involved? There is a city, don’t remember where, that pays the highest per capita for a child, yet has kids that can’t read or graduate. Money is not the answer; parent involvement is.

Tim Holdsworth

Carson City

Writer declares Civil War in Republican party

RINO Gov. Sandoval and a few bought-and-paid-for crony Republican legislator-liars deceived Nevada voters into putting them in office. Now they’ve partnered with Democrats to saddle Nevada’s economy with crippling tax increases, while leaving university women in danger of rape.

These quislings campaigned as pro-gun, small government hawks, then hid behind little kids to justify throwing tax money at the bloated education bureaucracy, public employee unions, and over funded universities. Yet these education supporters did little to strengthen Nevada community colleges that teach critical employment skills.

People like PK O’Neill, John Hambrick, and Michael Roberson deliberately betray Republican voters, knowing it will drive some of them into registering non-partisan or joining third parties, both of which make them ineligible to vote for conservative nominees in Republican primaries.

These Democrat chew toys don’t care if they’re in the majority; they sell their votes to the highest bidder, regardless.

Clever people, like Independent American Party letter writer J. Tyler Ballance, are doing the RINOs’ bidding by trying to recruit disaffected Republicans. But “conservative” third parties, even after decades in existence, govern nothing. These dead-end debating societies run unserious vanity candidates, but neither they nor their supporters ever walk precincts. They just attack Republicans.

No one wants to fight intraparty civil wars, but if Republican voters don’t defeat their own traitors, the sellout-Democrat axis will absolutely return next legislative session.

Lynn Muzzy



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