Prudent judgment a must for CCWs

Nevada lawmakers will revisit legislation on Thursday to allow concealed weapons on the state’s college campuses. In addition, lawmakers will also look at expanding the law to include individuals with concealed weapons permits (CCW) in K-12 schools, daycare centers and the non-secure parts of airports, specifically in Reno and Las Vegas.

Discussion to allow concealed weapons on college campuses never emerged out of the Democrat-controlled Assembly Committee on Judiciary in 2011 and 2013. The 2013 hearing was a sham when liberal-leaning Committee Chairman Jason Frierson of Las Vegas did not allow members to vote on the bill even though he had the necessary votes to move it out of committee.

Las Vegas Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, R-Las Vegas, vowed to resurrect the bill in this year’s committee in support of Amanda Collins, who was raped on the University of Nevada, Reno campus in 2007 by James Biella. In 2008, Biella not only raped another university coed but he also strangled her; consequently, Collins has been a strong proponent of students carrying concealed weapons on campus.

A tightly controlled concealed weapons provision of the proposed bill must be vetted — and if appropriate — passed but without the additional riders of forcing municipalities to install metal detectors in their buildings or allow people with or without CCWs to enter law enforcement buildings or courts.

Additionally, common sense should override the need to have guns in K-12 schools, childcare centers and airports.

Local law enforcement personnel are hesitant to completely endorse concealed weapons in K-12 schools and daycare centers until more detailed discussion can be held in both the legislature and communities. Just because people have a permit to carry a concealed weapon doesn’t make them experts when confronted with stressful situations. Those who have served in the military and law enforcement know it takes hours of practice to respond accordingly in such situations.

Although we hear more about assailants entering a school looking for victims, what about the disgruntled employee who may or may not have a CCW and decides to use a weapon on co-workers or students? If police enter a school or daycare center and see a staff member holding a weapon, officers may not give that individual the benefit of the doubt.

Furthermore, with heightened security at the airports because of the increased terrorism threats, allowing individuals with concealed weapons to enter the non-secure areas is pure asinine.

The Reno Tahoe International Airport has its own police department, while Las Vegas Metro officers patrol McCarran. Both airports and their departments oppose any legislative attempt from Carson City to allow concealed weapons inside their facilities. To that, we agree whole heartedly.

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