Carson City Roop Street traffic plan outlined for motorists

Roop Street just west of the Carson City Community and Aquatic centers will be narrowed to a single lane north and another south next week with entry into the centers and park barred from the west side.

So said Rick Cooley of the Public Works Department, who oversees city projects, talking of traffic complications because of a water main project from Saliman Road to and across Roop Street. It has been underway in recent weeks through Mills Park. Cooley said initially, as the work will reach into the north-south lanes of Roop street, the two northbound lanes on the eastern side of the street will be closed and the single lanes will be to the west.

As work progresses, that will be flipped and the southbound lanes on the west side of the street past the Carson City Library will be closed and the north-south traffic will travel the lanes on the western side of the usually four-lane street. He said the goal is to complete the water main work without closing the street entirely, but if such a closure eventually proves necessary that would be done next weekend rather than during the work week.

He said he hopes to avoid any closure of Roop, but entry to the centers and park from the west would be off limits all week. The water main project eventually will continue down Washington Street and on toward the west side Quill water treatment facility.


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