Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 12, 2015

Netanyahu a leader, Obama a spoiled child

Why is President Obama and his Democrat supporters acting like a bunch of spoiled children over the speech the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave to Congress? Yes, Speaker of the House John Boehner could have told the White House sooner about the invitation, but it isn’t mandatory, nor is it a breech of protocol like the White House says. As a matter of fact, they were given notice prior to the invitation being extended to the prime minister by the speaker, albeit only an hour according to news accounts.

Still, if Mr. Obama had an issue with that, he could have used his famous phone to call Speaker Boehner and express his concerns. He did not, though, which is pretty much in keeping with the president’s usual “my way or the highway” attitude.

Which country has the most to lose if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, the U.S. or Israel? Which country is within reach of Iranian missiles? It is only natural that the leader of a country would do everything to protect his citizens from a rogue nation intent on destroying them.

A speech is only words, and President Obama could have used this opportunity to meet with Mr. Netanyahu and come up with a mutual plan to solve the problem, but instead he pouted and refused to meet with “Bibi.”

In addition, many Democrats acted like spoiled brats as well. Who acted more like a leader in this situation and who acted like a spoiled child?

David Knighton

Carson City

O’Neill is who he says he is

This is to let Carson City know what we have in our Assemblyman PK O’Neill. Before the election, PK proved himself to be a very gracious individual who seemed to truly care about the people and who willingly gave his time to answer questions and concerns. He also had the right answers to my questions.

However wonderful this is, it is easy to give the right answers during election season. I am most pleased to report that after winning the office Assemblyman O’Neill is still the gracious man he had been during election season and even more importantly, he is doing the very things he said he would! This is called integrity, and this man is brimming with it. Integrity is often hard to find in the political arena, and he deserves a shout out.

Carson City, know that this man is daily fighting for the protections guaranteed to citizens in the Bill of Rights. Thank you, Assemblyman O’Neill, for all that you are doing.

Kate Morra

Carson City


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