Cheers & Kudos: Thank you to Allen Rowe at Northern Nevada Coin for his honesty

Anyone having the pleasure of doing any business with Northern Nevada Coin will know where I’m coming from. This letter is for the people who have not yet.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of business there. I decided to get rid of a couple pieces of jewelry I hadn’t worn in years. I went to see Allen Rowe, the owner. We came to an agreement, with him paying me a fair price. Before I left, he said he was pretty good at judging the size of a stone (in a setting) and was confident of his appraisal. But he said when he got back from an appointment, he’d pull it out and recheck it, and if he was off, he’d call me. I left satisfied, and to my shock, he called a couple hours later and said, “How would you like to come pick up an extra $1,500?”

Who does that? He could have said nothing. I’m sure the community as a whole already knows he’s a great guy. I’m sure there are plenty of things he does that no one knows.

I will never do any business of this kind anywhere else. Conveniently, he also has stores in Reno and Minden. Everyone at the Carson City store is friendly, but another gem is Lori Tureson, one of Allen’s employees. They don’t come any sweeter and helpful than her. No one will ever be disappointed by these two.

Donel Wilcox

Carson City


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