Carson City Board of Supervisors to take up sewer debt, ambulance pact

An $18 million bond issue will be reviewed in a public hearing at Carson City’s Board of Supervisors meeting Thursday, a routine step toward paying for sewage-handling upgrades.

Formerly a hot-button issue when utility rates were increased to back this and other bonded indebtedness to make various improvements, the matter now was expected to attract little if any opposition because the rate paying decision has been made and officials agree the sewage treatment plant needed various improvements.

In another agenda item, the city’s governing board is expected to adopt a resolution authorizing an interlocal agreement involving Carson City and nearby jurisdictional agencies regarding fire protection-related ambulance service cooperation. The governing bodies in essence are agreeing to honor each others’ ambulance subscription programs.

Involved along with Carson City are Central Lyon County Fire Protection District, Storey County Fire Protection District and the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. An agenda staff summary on the item said the pact will allow citizens enrolled in one jurisdiction’s program to receive the same benefits of all the participating agencies’ programs.

Acting as the Redevelopment Authority, city board members will discuss and give policy direction on how local redevelopment funds should be spent in applicable commercial zones for cultural events to promote activity in those business districts. The direction is for the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Advisory Committee (RACC), which advises on redevelopment money, and a RACC discussion of the matter with city staff is set for April 6.

“Staff would like direction from the Redevelopment Authority regarding this proposed change, as well as other guidance regarding priorities for RACC to consider in the next year,” according to an agenda staff summary on the item.

The city’s governing board will decide on policy positions regarding some legislation and also will hold a city Board of Health session with other health board members.


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