Truck-maker’s movie projected on Hoover Dam breaks record

HOOVER DAM, Nev.-Ariz. Border — Daimler Trucks North America LLC says that in addition to debuting the company’s self-driving semi-truck on the Hoover Dam Tuesday night, the vehicle maker also broke Guinness World Records when it projected the highest light output ever turning the dam into a massive movie screen.

The company said 60 projectors used 1.17 million lumens — equal to about 1,400 household lightbulbs — to stretch videos, images, animation and an American flag onto the surface of the modern construction marvel finished in 1935 on Nevada and Arizona’s border.

The program included live footage and recorded video.

Daimler says the video projection was equal in size to nine football fields or more than 87 average-sized IMAX screens.

Company officials say the Hoover Dam show took six months to plan.


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