Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Senators needed to have courage to engage

This past Wednesday, May 6, I was one of more than 75 people who visited the Nevada Legislature to show support for AB405, the parental notification bill for minor girls seeking an abortion. The group was largely women — mothers advocating for their role and rights as parents.

As a registered Republican, I have never been more disappointed in any elected officials in my life, specifically Republican Senators Roberson, Kieckhefer, and Brower. Not only did they cancel or refuse appointments we made, they hid out in their offices, delaying the Senate session to avoid walking into the hallway and acknowledging our presence.

Senators, I have to wonder if 75 men with paid lobbyist badges on had been in your halls, would you have acted the same way? If you are unwilling to defend young girls, then at least be able to defend your positions! You were not elected kings, you were elected as representatives, and you owe your constituency, over half of whom are women, to listen and have the decency and courage to engage.

Kudos to Sen. Mo Denis (D) for taking the time to speak to the young people in our group and encouraging them to engage politically.

Kathleen Rossi



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