Cheers & Kudos: Thank you to all who participated in National Day of Prayer

Your article on the National Day of Prayer event on May 7 showed an amazing event in Carson City. Citizens from many different parts of the state came together to pray in unity for Nevada and the United States. Thank you for the many prayers and the different people who came together and the people who led the prayers: One event started at 7:30 a.m. in the Legislative Building where Pastor Pat Propster, of Calvary Chapel, read the President’s Proclamation. He then lead the group in prayers for the federal government, the Executive Branch, The United States Senate and House of Representative, and finally, the Supreme Court of the United States.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske then offered a prayer for our national military men and women who serve to protect our country. She prayed for the first responders who respond in an emergency to protect the citizens of Nevada and the United States. Secretary Cegavske shared her personal choice whenever she heard a siren. She prays for the members of the fire department or police officers who are responding to the emergency. She then prays for the people or family in need of assistance in the emergency.

Pastor Ben Fleming, of Silver Hills Community Church, prayed for the Nevada government, the governor and Executive Branch, the Nevada State Senate and Assembly and staff, the Nevada Supreme Court, the court systems of Nevada and the United States.

Lieutenant Mark Cyr, of the Salvation Army, prayed for families in Nevada, young children to senior citizens. He prayed for thousands of children who have no home and thousands of poor people who are fed in the city. He prayed for all the churches and the pastors, the elders and staff who serve. He prayed for all the saints who pray in Nevada.

State Senator Don Gustavson was planning to lead in prayer, however he (and all members of the Legislature) was called into an emergency, mandatory meeting, so he was unable to attend. Pastor Pat Propster stepped in to pray for the issues the Senator had planned to pray for; business in Nevada. He also prayed for all the agriculture and mining. He prayed for the food and manufacturing and service industries. He also prayed for education, all the students, teachers and staff in the public, private schools along with all the home schooling.

Pastor Nick Emery from the Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church prayed for all the media in our culture today. He prayed for television, radio, computers, web sites and social media along with print, newspapers and magazines.

Father Chuck Durante, Saint Theresa’s of Avila Catholic Community closed the session by reading passages of scripture and praying for the poor, sick and the lonely in Nevada. He spoke about the significance of water in the Bible and prayed for the drought we have been experiencing, even as we saw rain and some snow in Reno the night before.

Larry Nelson

President of


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